This is my second (I think) serious attempt at a blog. Prior to this site I used whatsmykarma.com, a domain I registered way back in high school after taking a world religions course. I hate to say that my motivation for choosing that may have been little more than my own amusement, but I held onto the domain and used it for years, with various attempts at a personal site.

At some point I discovered WordPress, and shifted toward that and away from static HTML pages. My approach to the site was that in working on things – projects, or just fixing things, or whatever – I come across different nuggets of knowledge that are good to save. So, unless there’s some pressing reason not to, why not share them? That’s still my goal here. And while I will take another stab at maintaining a blog, I’ve also set up a wiki. I think it represents a good compromise between the automation of a content management system and a free-form cluster of web pages. At least, we shall see. I envision certain subjects having both a blog post and a wiki page. Maybe several of each.

So what can you expect? I’m not sure exactly, but a few things come to mind:

  • Various computer projects. As you might guess from the domain name, I have dealt with an assortment of Linux- and Unix-related projects, which I may document here.
  • Various electronics project. Despite the first point, I actually work as an electrical engineer, with a focus on power electronics. I have different projects in the works, things I would have loved to peruse when I was in school and just younger and curious about this field.
  • Anything helpful I come across. If I solve some problem, I may very well post about it here, either to remind myself and/or in the hopes that it helps someone else.
  • Musings. The internet is full of opinions on countless things, and I don’t know if there’s really a hole I need to be filling here. I like to avoid politics and religion. I can’t guarantee I’ll never post about those subjects here, but who knows.
  • The website feverdreams.whatsmykarma.com is not going anywhere.
  • Cat pictures.

When setting this up I briefly considered using a static site generator. The allure of using a bunch of static files with a basic, minimal-Javascript layout is attractive, and I may give it a whirl sometime. In the meantime, though, WordPress is easy. So here we are.

That’s all I have for now. Happy Leap Day!


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